Apple, Blueberry, Cherry …..Banana Cream

Making Piece by Beth M. Howard has a mouth watering picture of a heart-shaped cherry pie on the cover.  Little did I know, the book would be about grieving and the author’s belief in the healing goodness of pie.  I am not a huge fan of pie. When given a choice, I prefer cake over pie.  Pecan pie is my favorite, but I make it once a year at Thanksgiving and that’s it.

The author of this book earns her living selling pies at her pie stand (Pitchfork Pie Stand) outside of the American Gothic house in Iowa where she currently resides.  Making Piece is  a story about loss and recovery. Howard’s soon to be ex-husband Marcus passed away unexpectedly on the day he was to sign their divorce papers and her memoir recounts her healing process and the pivotal role pie played in it.

Even though I’m not a fan of pies, I do encourage people to read this book.  I think that anyone who has lost a loved one can identify with its message of hope and healing.  The end of the book contains several pie recipes which I will attempt to make with hopes of turning myself into a person who enjoys pies more often than once a year.

I invite my readers to add a comment to this post with the name of their favorite pie.

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