Om Mani Peme Hung

The colorful jacket of Across Many Moutains: Three Daughters of Tibet by Yangzom Brauen caught my eye during a post holiday shopping excursion to the bookstore.  I had my son take a picture of the cover for me.  Upon returning home, I asked our local library to obtain a copy of it for me.  Oddly enough, the book was loaned to me from a college library in another state.  How fortunate I am that the book was available as I found it enlightening and moving.

The book recounts the true story of three generations of Tibetan women.   For many years, I have known historically about the Chinese takeover in Tibet during the middle of the last century, but this first person perspective taught me so much more than I’d previously known about Tibet, its people, its customs, and Buddhism.

Even though the story is rooted in survival struggles, I found something about it enchanting.  I was awed by the fact that the author’s grandmother, a Buddhist nun, lived in a country where no clocks or watches existed.  That is something I can’t even imagine, but how lovely it might be to live a primitive, peaceful existence as described in the book.

The family’s escape to India across snow covered mountains in Tibet reminded me of the Von Trapp family and the Sound of Music, but there is no singing involved here and they are running from Communist invaders.  This book opened my eyes and my heart to the plight of native Tibetans and their quest for freedom from oppression.  I hope that one day they will be free again and that the Dalai Lama will be able to return to his homeland and his devoted followers.

For those of you who wish additional information on the author and her family, please visit these web sites:

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2 Responses to Om Mani Peme Hung

  1. Yangzom Brauen says:

    Thank you very much for your review of my book. All the best Yangzom

  2. dianeledet says:

    You are welcome. It was my pleasure to read your novel. Please contact me if and when the book is made into a movie. All the best to you and your family Yangzom!

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