We Give Thanks

With meager possessions, they left England in 1620 on a ship called the Mayflower     with one goal in mind – religious freedom.

I am grateful I spied the book Thanksgiving by Glenn Alan Cheney on a display shelf in our library.  This month, I wanted to read Thanksgiving stories and Cheney’s book provided me with some interesting facts I did not know about the adventurous Pilgrims who came to our country so long ago.

Much like the book I reviewed earlier this year about E.B. White, this book is filled with many suppositions, however, this book held my interest and helped me experience the Pilgrim’s plight in a more realistic way than ever before.  It is a far cry from the version I learned many years ago in U.S. History, and a much more interesting one.

I completed this book with new-found admiration for this group of disgruntled Separatists who gave up everything for their faith after being unable to worship in their own way in the land of their birth.  Hundreds of years later, I could not help but wonder how they decided what to pack?  According to the author, they forgot to pack small hooks for fishing and neglected to bring honey bees which were not indigenous to North America.

Imagine leaving everything and everyone you know to start life in an unexplored wilderness thousands of miles from civilization.  That takes courage.  The depictions of the American Natives were so much more kind in this book than many I have read or seen in the past and I was grateful for it.  Their society was self-sustaining and one the Pilgrims learned a great deal from about survival and living off the New England land.

I think this is an interesting book for anyone who can cut through the “probable” to get to the heart of the matter of the monumental task which was undertaken by our early settlers.

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