The High Seas

When God Was an Atheist Sailor by Burgess Cogill came to my attention thanks for the summer reading program at our library. I am grateful for the program each year as it introduces me to books in genres I never would have known existed.  This autobiography, published in 1985, was written by a woman whose father was the Captain of large sailing vessels.  Cogill was born in 1902 during a Pacific voyage on a ship called the Snow and Burgess.  She spent the next 8 years of her life aboard the five masted ship with her parents, sister and the ship’s crew.  The book is very interesting and informative about life at sea.  The ship’s home base was San Francisco and the author recounts life there during the early 1900’s in addition to tales of ports in other countries visited while she lived on the ship.

If you enjoy stories of the sea and sailing, you will enjoy this book.  It was a new arena for me and I liked it.  There are a number of rare photographs in the book which are wonderful.

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