Make Time for Rose

I was sorry to reach the last page of Room for One More by Anna Perrott Rose.  I enjoyed the book so much that I wished it would go on and on.  I recently learned of this book by watching the movie by the same name on TCM.  The movie starred Cary Grant and his wife Betsy Drake in the title roles and it was wonderfully sappy.  The book is so old that the copyright date of 1950 is printed in Roman Numerals, but the message it contains is timeless!

The book by Rose, is a true story recounting her experiences as the mother of 6.  The unique part of her life story is the fact that three of her children were foster children.  Even though the care and raising of adopted children is the central theme of the book, it is so much more.

As I read Mrs. Rose’s story, I learned new, sensible techniques for raising children.  My favorite was her practice of taking her children out of school for a few days from time to time, with the school’s permission, to provide them with concentrated study of one subject in order that they might learn it.  Her teaching methods were truly inspired.

I was uplifted by her love, courage, and wisdom.  If you can obtain a copy of Room for One More, please do so.  It is a wonderful, heartwarming book overflowing with common sense.

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2 Responses to Make Time for Rose

  1. I had read this book before I discovered your blog. I have been spreading the word about it but so few people will read this type of book now. Nice to find someone who does. Have you ever come across any other of Anna Perrott Rose’s writings?

  2. dianeledet says:

    Hi Kathy! I have not read any of Rose’s other work, but it is a great idea! I love reading older books and find them so enjoyable. I have others listed on the site which you may enjoy as well. Please let me know if you discover more of her work. I appreciate your comment and knowing that you enjoyed the book too.

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