Oh Ernest!

The Paris Wife by Paula McLain is a fictional novel based on the life of Ernest and Hadley Hemingway (copyright 2011).  The book is beautifully written and one can’t help but feel heartbroken for Hadley.  I think the author did a fabulous job of recreating the mood and lifestyle of the Lost Generation in 1920’s Paris.

Hemingway is my favorite writer and this book helped me to understand his passion for life and zest for living.  In this story, newlywed Hemingway’s rub elbows with many famous writers of the post World War I era, and we are allowed to eavesdrop on imagined conversations and to experience the decadent lifestyles of expatriates through Hadley’s eyes.

Reading this book renewed my interest in Hemingway’s work.  What a great writer he was.  I also appreciated the way in which the author conveyed Ernest’s all-consuming drive to succeed as a writer and his desire to create a new form of writing.  As we all know, he succeeded in doing so; even though he did not succeed in his marriage.

This is a book well worth reading.

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1 Response to Oh Ernest!

  1. Tracey says:

    Oh Ernest indeed! I’m so excited about this book and people reading and blogging about it. I agree totally about his passion for life and zest for living coming through – even though I haven’t read any of his books before, can’t wait to get started. I wonder if being your favourite author you have read them all or if you have some still to discover or maybe rediscover – enjoy 0:)

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