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Many a Green Isle by Agnes Sligh Turnbull is another gem I found while searching for another book.  The story is heartwarming and has a happy ending which I was very glad of after reading so many sad stories.

The plot centers on an English Professor, his loving wife, and happy little family.  The Professor is content with his life until his 21-year-old daughter gets pregnant and the father of the baby refuses to marry the her.  Her parents, with the aid of a close friend, come up with their own scheme to ensure a scandal free outcome for their daughter.

The book was written in the 60’s and much of it reinforces the morals of that era.  Dinner parties are common place and the family owns only one automobile.  Vietnam, drugs, and free love are mentioned, but not over dramatized in the book.

The author Turnbull was born in 1888.  I can only imagine the massive changes she experienced in her lifetime and what she thought of the turbulent 60’s.  What I admire about this book is that the author used her story as a way to reinforce family values as opposed to changing with the times.    Before her marriage, she taught high school English and has included many lovely quotes from well-known writers in the book.  The title of this book came from Shelley’s “Lines Written Among the Euganean Hills”.

The book reminded me of my youth and it comforted me to take a wistful glimpse at the past.

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