What If . . .

The premise behind Alfred and Emily, written by Nobel Prize winning author Doris Lessing, really got my mind moving. In the first half of the book, Lessing fictionalized her parents lives.  The second half of the book tells their real story which is quite different.  It is an interesting book and the writing engaging.  The book was published in 2008.  I was looking for one of Lessing’s older books from the 1930’s (The Golden Notebook), but our library didn’t have a copy, so I opted for this one instead.

After reading the book, I spent time wondering “what if” about my parent’s lives and then my own.  Kind of like the poem The Road Not Taken by Frost.  So many times in life we look back and wonder what might have been.  I also wonder what Lessing’s parents would have thought of this book and the way in which their award-winning daughter magically rewrote their lives.  Ironically, Lessing would never have been born in the fictional version of their lives.  Go figure!

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