Who Said That?

My daughter gave me a velvety covered moss green journal for Christmas a couple of years ago. In thinking what to fill it with, I came upon the idea of using it as a collecting place for the many quotes I find in the books I read which inspire me in some way. This has proved beneficial as I can rarely remember exact quotes or their sources.

As I read, I keep a small pad of Post-Its nearby and mark the quotes deemed worthy of my quote journal. After completion of a book, I take my journal from the bottom shelf of my bookcase and enter the quotes I’ve marked in it.

Every so often, I pick my journal up, read through it, and my spirits are lifted.  The treasured quotes are one of the many things I love about reading. Some day my journal will be filled with a plethora of brilliant thoughts that touched my soul and changed my thinking for the better.

About dianeledet

Professional Writing Consultant, Graduate of DePaul University School for New Learning 2008
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3 Responses to Who Said That?

  1. kateylady says:

    I love the idea of writing quotes that are meaningful to you in a journal. Another idea of finding an appealing place to write down meaningful quotes would be if you had them on a corkboard on a wall. This could provide hours of limitless inspiration by observing your own thoughts, ideas and quotes to live by. Even a quick trip to the kitchen for a glass of water could turn into a “walk of dreams and potential.” Imagine 24/7, being able to turn to the board and visually inhale all things that inspire you.

    You could also use your board of inspiration as a “getting to know you” experience for those delightful get togethers for family or friends. Let people gaze upon the words of wisdom on the board. Perhaps let your guests add their own inspiring quotes. You never know when an inspiring moment for another, could become your own.

  2. jbrdmom says:

    I love your idea of recording great quotes. You may be able to use them in a book some day. Many good authors use an appropriate quote to start each chapter. It sets the scene and may elicit desired state of mind.

  3. Alisa Wrobel says:

    That’s a beautiful idea 🙂

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